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Deciding on New Lighting For Your Home

When the day comes that you decide it’s time for new lighting in your home, or you’re building a new house and you need lighting options, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Lighting’s primary purpose is obviously to illuminate a room, but it can also offer so much more than light. It sets the mood in each space, and it makes certain tasks easier, such as reading in the living room or prepping vegetables in kitchen.


This is often the first, and most important, question to consider when choosing new lighting. Are you designing a new home theater that needs recessed can lights and wall sconces, or are you trying to brighten a basement bedroom with table lamps and a semi-flush fixture? Knowing how a room will be used will inform the lighting you need, as will the time of day when you’ll be in the room. For example, you’ll be in your bedroom mostly in the morning and in the evening, so lamps and overhead lights that aren’t too bright are a great option, since you’ll be just waking up or trying to unwind while you’re in the space.

If you’re lighting a bright living room that gets plenty of sunshine, then fewer fixtures are likely needed. A single ceiling fan with a light, along with a few well-placed lamps will provide the illumination you need, and once the sun goes down, you’ll have plenty of light for reading and entertaining.


We’ve written before about layering your light, but it’s so imperative to every room that we’re going to cover it again here. Having ambient (general), accent, and task lighting in each room will make the space more interesting, as well as more functional. A living room that only has a single overhead light, and nothing else, can appear very drab and uninviting. Adding a few sconces and table lamps in the right places will not only improve your lighting, it will make the space more comfortable. In the kitchen, you’ll want recessed lights, a central ambient fixture, pendant lights above the island, and under cabinet lighting for your everyday tasks.

Layering the light in a room makes it more interesting, and you can also use it to highlight a certain portion of the room, such as a seating area or workspace.

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